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Five blog rewrites in four years

· 2 min read
Filip Tammergård
Software Engineer at Einride

I first started blogging in 2018. I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript—no frameworks or dependencies.

In 2019, I wanted to reuse UI components, so I rewrote my blog in React.

In 2020, I wanted to use MDX, so I rewrote my blog in Gatsby. I built my own internationalization solution. It worked, but had a few bugs that I didn't have the energy to prioritize properly.

In 2021, I wanted to learn Next.js, so I rewrote my blog in...Next.js.

Later in 2021, I wanted to ship less JavaScript, so I rewrote my blog it in Astro.

In 2022, I wanted this madness to end.

So I rewrote my blog in Docusaurus.

I did.